SW1 Solutions is a fully integrated consulting, design and construction solutions provider for the corporate, commercial and hospitality sectors. We offer complete end-to-end solutions for all aspects of your occupancy needs; from strategic planning and interior design, to project management and construction.

We get the best results for our Clients by understanding and optimising all the key elements that make up real estate decisions:

  • The Location
    Location, location, location. This is the mantra of all real estate decisions. Understanding why and more importantly the limitations which resulted in the choice of location enable us to provide corrective solutions and/or enhancements which add value to any project .
  • Fitness for purpose
    Understanding the manner in which the business operates allows us to ensure that the solutions we provide are thoroughly appropriate and custom made for each individual Client.
  • Orientation, shape and size of the space
    Understanding topography and the overall manner in which the space works allows an appropriate and honest plan to be derived, which fully meets the Clients requirements.
  • Efficiency and comfort of the space
    The way we design takes into account productivity and working efficiency and makes the best use of the real estate. This is what differentiates our planning solutions.
  • Functionality of the building services
    Integration and proper design of Mechanical & Electrical works along with Information Technology is crucial to the effective operation of any facility. We have specialist expertise to ensure this is done properly.
  • Ability of space to define identity and create a brand experience
    The look and feel of the space needs to create value for our Client; and not just be whimsical and arbitrary. We seek to understand our Clients and their identities. This in turn translated in a thoroughly correct aesthetic which has meaning and is derived through reason.

Our Values

We view every Project as an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with our Clients to achieve results which respond to their brand image, functional and budgetary goals. We have our Client’s best interests close to our heart, and we treat every Project as if it were our own.
We support a culture that promotes social and environmental responsibility. This culture is interwoven in our processes and we strongly believe in the importance of these key issues and in improving their literacy within the industry.
Driven to innovate, we are committed to create interiors that strongly differentiate brands, culture and experience. We pride ourselves in setting new standards and pushing boundaries in the industry. Our desire to create international standards and construction practices enables us to realise genuine quality.
We are a team of creative and dedicated professionals who share a passion for delivering innovative solutions. Our team comprises of highly experienced design, engineering, commercial, project and construction specialists. They have worked with leading brands within the corporate, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors and have an established track record of success.

What We Do

We do what you need. Making planning, design and construction simpler for Clients. SW1’s one service umbrella approach springs from the array of specialised expertise within our firm. Our ability to integrate all these services as a unified force is in sync with what today’s business need – Simplicity.

  • Strategic
    Ensures the fitness for purpose, efficiency and proper orientation of the space. No two plans are the same and our ability to make the best out of any given plan is crucial to a projects success and is a major differentiating factor.
  • Interior
    Puts all the planning and aesthetic elements together to create a cohesive produce. It ensures an appropriate, comfortable space that defines and enhances the brand identity of our Clients.
  • Project and
    Construction Management
    Time, cost and quality are balances to give the optimum outcome and to ensure the overall design intent is delivered in and undiluted form. This is handled by dedicated professionals who have the Client’s best interests at heart.
  • Construction
    A single point of contact for Construction services provides simplicity and confidence to our Clients. We ensure best practices in all we do and take pride in our work.
  • Post Handover
    We do not run away after the project is handed over and understand the major changes that happen when a Client moves to a new premise. We provide assistance and on call services to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.


Our 4D Approach

Our solutions are a process – not just an outcome. Collaborative and client focused, the journey we take with our clients is just as important as the end result.

Our first priority is to understand who you are today and, most importantly, where you want to be in the future. Whilst it is common practice to merely ‘request for information’, our process is much more involved and we call this the Discovery Process. It encompasses more than a quantitative listing of project requirements it is our method of ferreting out the qualitative issues that unearth your optimal workplace environment. This results in a finely tuned brief.
We bring your brief to life through a comprehensive and unique conceptual proposal. We understand what makes your brand and business tick; how compelling and different it is. We discover what inspires your identity and sets your brand apart. We think strategically and creatively, and translate our ideas into a conceptual solution tailoring to your Project needs.
This process implements the concepts and ideas into buildable solutions whilst maintaining the overall Project intent. During this critical phase, conceptual design and building services content are ‘fleshed out’ into detailed construction drawings and specifications.
We work directly with each trade and supplier to tightly control the cost, quality and timeliness of all orders, deliveries and installations. We factor in Client preferences and local construction industry conditions to develop the optimum project delivery method for every Project. Our expertise in the areas of procurement and construction ensure the ultimate result for our Clients – correctly executed and delivered on time.