Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Environmental Philosophy

We consciously seek information on the origin of the products and services we use with the concern on whether they are ecological and ethical. We strive to conserve and preserve by reducing our consumption and waste, and to recycle when we can. This philosophy is incorporated by every employee of the Company, from small objects for everyday use through to sustainable design and resources. Our main area of focus would be:

Recycling and reusing of materials such as plywood and timber.
Proper waste management and disposal.
To ensure a conducive environment for workers on site.
Adequate provisions for ventilation and ensuring good human comfort levels.
Better air ventilation and better air quality.

Health and Safety Policy

The Management of SW1 is committed to the health, safety and environment of its employees, subcontractors, Clients and all personnel involved in the Projects and activities that the Company undertakes. Protection from injury or occupational disease is our major continual objective. All SW1 employees particularly site personnel are trained to enforce and comply fully with the safety rules and regulations of all SW1 project sites.

Our Project Health & Safety objective is to complete all Projects with zero incidents and mishaps. To accomplish this objective and fulfil our commitment to the Project and our Client, the following expectations are set:

  • To use appropriate safety equipment, clothing, devices and materials for personal protection,
  • To identify, assess and eliminate or mitigate all potential significant hazards and risk on the Project site,
  • To take immediate appropriate response action in the event of an emergency,
  • To have vigilant Managers on site to monitor and remedy any safety hazards that may arise,

Our health and safety approaches include:

  • Compliant with full CIDB Green Cards
  • Conduct safety inductions
  • Conduct toolbox talks
  • Dedicated safety officer for the project
  • Detailed safety and contingencies planning
  • Strict policies on safety gears on-site
  • Hazard identification risk assessment and control


Health and Safety Control

SW1 strives to be a safety conscious design & fit-out company and strongly advocates a safe working environment throughout all aspects of every project.

A Health and Safety Officer (which is usually an independent party) will be deployed to site for the duration of a project, to oversee and implement legislative requirements, safety plan and corporate safety policy. The Health & Safety Officer will conduct safety induction for the trade contractor and perform periodic inspection. The implementation of project health, safety and environmental control is reinforced using the following systems:-

  • Compliance to legislative requirements and the documentation of.
  • Daily reports / records / logs.
  • Enforcement of valid operational certificates.
  • Induction.
  • Safety briefing.
  • Enforcement controls (via violation notices and fines).

Safety Induction Programs will be conducted at every Project inception stage to properly brief all workers on the Site Rules and Regulations and Health and Safety guidelines and procedures for the project. All trade contractor workers would be required to attend the Safety Induction Program to be conducted on site. Only those workers who have attended the Safety Induction Program would be registered and issued with the required security passes authorising them to work on site. This procedure although tedious is absolutely necessary.

Besides Safety Induction Programs, SW1 H&S Manager would also conduct Weekly Safety Toolbox Meetings to educate workers on health and safety requirements and reinforce the importance of practicing proper health and safety actions on site.